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Take part in a wedding too, and very active, sometimes family and close friends, who will perform certain tasks.

The godfather , who will dress as the groom, suit or tuxedo, but will use less colored intenso.Su main task is to escort the bride down the aisle to the beat of the wedding march chosen, taking the arm of the bride and delivering it to the groom. After this time, the sponsor remains beside the groom during the ceremony until deliver the rings, should not have children in the church family. It is also his task to assist the groom throughout the ceremony in any need of last minute.
For its part, the godmother has more freedom when choosing the dress, but is subject to two normal protocol : if the wedding is tomorrow dress come below the knees, but if evening dress is long . It must also take into account that if the groom wears a suit, your dress will be short and that if the groom dressed in tuxedo dress should be long. Its function is to assist the bride in the typical difficulties that may arise, help to pull the veil or give a tissue if necessary.
​The male witnesses must also dress for groom suit or tuxedo view. Meanwhile the ladies who are witness must follow the general rules of protocol. In any case their task is to verify and certify the marriage by signing the marriage certificate.

Moreover, the pages and bridesmaids usually form the court that precedes the bride in her entrance to the church or the place where the ceremony is held. For its romantic character, both boys and bridesmaids wear the same or similar outfits, keeping common colors.
<![CDATA[What's the Wedding invitations]]>Wed, 23 Dec 2015 16:00:01 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/whats-the-wedding-invitationsIn the wedding invitations she explained to people attending the wedding the main data to consider to go to the event, date, place and time, and asking people who receives RSVP.
The wedding invitations are forwarded by mail to the guests a good time so that there are no last minute rush, that is, about 4 months or so. They are drawn to the guests that the couple marry and explains where and when. Further confirmation is requested by the guests.
​Regarding the type of invitation , there are many kinds: classic, modern, formal, informal ... Most somehow imprinted wedding rings, hearts ... It is to them like boyfriends and arriving on time.

Besides invitations and especially few years ago, some postcards that are called shares, in which it was made ​​known to the people the couple were getting married and were encouraged to participate in the bond were also made.
<![CDATA[Classic Gift Ideas for Him at Christmas]]>Sun, 29 Nov 2015 07:34:51 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/classic-gift-ideas-for-him-at-christmas​Every year when Christmas rolls around, the question arises yet again what to buy our loved ones for this special occasion. There are numerous gift magazines available these days, each one offering a range of novelties, yet some of the best ideas remain the most classic ones. Here are several traditional gift ideas for him that are sure to be a success.

The first idea for a classic gift is a leather wallet. Simple, practical and very stylish, this is a gift that you simply cannot go wrong with. The equivalent to what a nice handbag is a woman, a well-made and quality wallet is a stylish accessory that the vast majority of men appreciate.
​When choosing a wallet, be sure to pick one that is as high quality as you can get. There are many designer items on the market that look fantastic and are surprisingly reasonably priced. Look for models made by designers that cater specifically to men for the most coveted items that are sure to be appreciated.

Another item that you cannot go wrong with is the watch. Again, for many men, this is one accessory that they are sure to wear. The premium watch in particular is an effective status symbol, and it also has the benefit that it comprises an element of gadgetry that many men find appealing.
​There are leading brands such as Omega and Breitling which are available at hefty prices brand new, but it is also possible to buy second hand models that have never been used or are in impeccable condition. If a brand new watch is not within your budget, try searching for used models instead for an unforgettable gift at a reduced price.

Another item that you can purchase used and can make a wonderful gift is a set of antique cufflinks. These accessories - although generally only worn for work or on special occasions - are also a coveted gift for men. Instead of buying generic and plain cufflinks from your local jewellers, instead consider buying antique cufflinks.
​The advantage of investing in these items is that they will be truly unique and come in a much wider range of styles than can be typically found on the high street. A pair of vintage cufflinks - much like a vintage ring for women - makes a very special and individual gift. For help choosing a pair, ask your jeweller for their advice and assistance.

One type of gift that is always a success is investing a in a bottle of quality alcohol for those who enjoy a tipple. Whereas budget restraints mean that we cannot all enjoy drinking the finest whiskeys, bourbons, sakes and wines all year round, Christmas is the perfect time to seek out something truly special.
​If your partner enjoys a particular kind of drink, go online to a specialist liqueur or wine shop and do your research on something exceptional in that category. Do not hesitate to ask for the assistance of a specialised vendor, as they will be more than happy to help you pick out a bottle of something that is bound to leave the best impression.

There are almost too many options to choose from when selecting a Christmas gift for the man in your life these days, with a range of brand new gadgets, video games, films, garments, accessories and novelties available to choose from.
For a gift that you can be sure that will be appreciated, however, nothing works quite like a classic type of Christmas gift. If this idea appeals to you, consider purchasing a stunning pair of antique cufflinks, a quality leather wallet, a special bottle of a favourite alcoholic drink or a premium quality watch for your partner this year.
<![CDATA[HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR WEDDING? THE ADVICE OF A WEDDING PLANNER!]]>Thu, 12 Nov 2015 08:00:01 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/how-to-organize-your-wedding-the-advice-of-a-wedding-plannerEmilie and Benoit will get married. And, like all grooms, they have tons of questions in mind. How much does a wedding? How do you prepare a wedding? How to choose the right provider? How to handle the stress of marriage? As unfortunately not enough to love to arrange her marriage, Sonia Bravard, WP wedding planner, gives us all advice. So, it has all the keys to properly organize his wedding. And Emilie Benoit and will be able to say YES in all serenity!
Emilie and Benoit decided to marry. They appeal to Sonia Bravard, wedding planner of WP agency to accompany them to the big day! The opportunity for us to make us all small and reap all the tips and tricks to properly organize his wedding.
What are the key steps in the preparation of a wedding?
To prepare for her marriage, we must first define all the important elements, 12-18 months before the wedding date. There, the key questions we ask: where? When ? Number of guests?
How much does a wedding?
For 140 guests, there are, hold on tight, between 30 000 and 40 000. Yes, it hurts. But, know that this is only an average. We find all rates for weddings. Everything is a matter of choice after. You must list the providers based on what you want.
For example, if you are a secular ceremony will require a professional officiating. For reception, in addition to catering, will you take a pastry? For animation, will you take a live band or a DJ? For decoration, wedding or do it yourself ready? Want a photographer, a videographer, a rental car with driver or not, a makeup artist, a dressing table? We must think of the announcement, to table plans, menus, alliances, the wedding dress, the groom's suit. With all these elements in mind, you can create a wedding budget and get an idea about the price of a wedding.
The important? From the beginning, we must prepare a place from day J it will evolve depending on the hour of the mayor and possibly the religious ceremony.
How to find the right provider for a wedding?
To find providers for your wedding, you have two solutions: either you will find you will be the only subcontract.
If you decide to make your own, it is imperative that you use your network. Do not hesitate to call your friends who are already married, they can help you in your choices. You can also make a wedding fair in the area you're getting married to give you ideas of amenities and rates. Finally, you can also find on the Internet very good specialized directories.
If you decide to delegate, you can use a wedding planner.
What is the timing for providers to respect?
For peace of mind it is best to choose providers between 9 and 12 months before the wedding. Know that the good providers leave very quickly. You have to book in advance for the room but also for key providers of a wedding: the DJ, the photographer, the videographer if you want one, the makeup artist, hairdresser and caterer.
How to organize wedding decoration level?
Increasingly, theme weddings we see but this is not an obligation. If you choose a theme, you really the idea is shared by the couple. Otherwise, it does not really make sense.
You can also easily choose colors or mood for the wedding decoration. If you choose a theme, it must be done by touch. Decorating the table and room decoration, create an inspiration board. This will allow you to see what goes with what and colors that blend well.
How to handle the stress of marriage?
Stress to organize a wedding or on the day, the only solution is to delegate. It's up to you who you want to delegate: a family member, a witness or a professional. The important thing is to know letting go. You should know enjoy your day to the fullest, enjoying his guests and not to dwell on the details. A wedding, there will be one. So we delegate a maximum and we see things as a whole.
<![CDATA[Tips for success of a divorced marriage]]>Thu, 15 Oct 2015 04:30:02 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/tips-for-success-of-a-divorced-marriage
Successful marriage requires hard work, but it is a lesson that many of us do not learn too late.

Last July, Gerald Rogers, motivational speaker and recently divorced, started on Facebook and admitted that there were many things he could have done differently to save his marriage.

The sincere advice that Rogers shared and posted on his public profile, had harvested, at last count, more than 3760 "likes" and more than 98800 "sharing". Meanwhile, a "re-share" by another Facebook user had grossed more than "68000" "Like".

The best of this open letter? The modest and realistic approach to Rogers when he gives his advice.

"Obviously I'm no expert in relationships," begins Rogers. "But the fact that my divorce was finalized this week shows me things I should have done differently ... After losing the woman I loved, and broke a marriage of nearly 16 years, here are the tips that I 'would like to hear ... "

Below, some of the lessons taught by Rogers. And do not pay attention to the pronouns - these are tips that both men and women couples need to hear.

1) DO NOT STOP HIM NEVER MAKE THE COURT. Never stop going out. Do NOT consider this woman for granted. When you married her, you are committed to be the man who holds his heart and would protect it at all costs. It is the largest and most sacred treasure that you have said. SHE CHOSE YOU. Never forget, and do not rest on your achievements when it comes to love.

2) PROTECT YOUR OWN HEART. In the same way that you are committed to protecting the heart, you must protect yours with equal vigilance. Do you completely love the world frankly, but there is a place in your heart that must be reserved in your single woman. Keep this space always ready to receive it, ask in there, and deny anyone or anything else there is access.

3) Fall in love WITHOUT STOPPING. You will change constantly. You're not the same person you were when you got married, and in five years you will not be the same people as today. With the change, you will have to choose again each other. IT IS NOT OBLIGED TO STAY WITH YOU, and if you do not take care of her heart, she might give to someone else, or you will be excluded, and you may never succeed more to recover. Always keep fighting for her love, as you did when you courtisiez.
<![CDATA[5 tips for a happy marriage]]>Fri, 02 Oct 2015 06:30:01 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/5-tips-for-a-happy-marriageMarriage is not always a path strewn with roses but with a few details in mind, it is possible to prolong the happiness again and again more. Learning to live together is sometimes very complicated at first. Even for couples who have spent time side by side, it may be that certain periods are more complicated than others, even for reasons external to the couple itself. That is why it is important to maintain a healthy relationship and take care of your cohabitation. Obviously, the secret to a happy marriage vary from couple to couple, but some factors are common to all and allow to always rekindle the flame.
Never stop taking care of yourself and the other. The famous phrase that says: "I have not conquer person so I take care of you no more" should be banned. Be beautiful in the eyes of people watching is also very good for self-esteem.

- The surprise must continue. Prepare a romantic evening for the elect (s) of your heart with massage. An exit in night club or a surprise dinner in a particular place. Rekindle continually surprise and romance. A flower, a note ... Any small detail could turn into something special.

- Tolerance and patience are fundamental. Turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before you say something nasty, especially if you are in a bad mood. There will certainly be disputes, but you do not have to unload your frustration on your husband or your wife.

- Keep the dialogue Make decisions by weighing the pros and cons, giving your opinion and reaching a common agreement to which both parties get their money..

- Meeting the needs of everyone. We refer to everything a person needs to be happy. Talk about sex without taboo, what pleases you or not, what you like to do, your fantasies, etc.
<![CDATA[Reconciling honeymoon and ecotourism: it is possible!]]>Thu, 01 Oct 2015 04:30:01 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/reconciling-honeymoon-and-ecotourism-it-is-possibleFor nature lovers who want to preserve the treasures of our beautiful planet, it is possible to combine a dream stay and environmentally responsible tourism. Sleeping in an ecolodge in Mauritania, watch whales in Madagascar, participate in the education of Senegalese schoolchildren, planting a tree during his stay in Cambodia ... There are many ways to work towards a more responsible tourism ... Here our selection of environmentally and honeymoons.

Eco-friendly stay for your honeymoon
Ecotourism and meetings in the Yucatan
This circuit developed by EVANEOS, offers the best of Yucatan while respecting the principles of sustainable tourism: stay at a green hotel, visit the Biosphere Rio Lagartos and its flamingo colony, mountain biking and snorkeling outings in famous cenotes sinkholes!

Living in the village of Nianing in Senegal
With Randocheval, stop at the Home of Relaxation Ben'tenier, a hotel that is characterized by its actions for early childhood: building schools, distribution of birth kits in maternity ... If you want, you can also bring supplies to participate in these actions.

Whale watching in Madagascar
With WORLDIA, stay on the island of Sainte Marie, east of Madagascar, in lush greenery at the Princesse Bora Lodge, a hotel that stands out for its Community action: planting fruit trees, support for the village school, distribution of medicines and baby milk ... Most: a floating platform for whale watching during the southern winter.

TRIPNATUR 'provides highly original accommodations! These domes designed as tents mounted on a wooden floor, installed in a wild natural setting and well preserved and provide access to the hiking trails (GR10, GR36 and many PR). Labeled the Green Key and European Ecolabel.

TRIPNATUR 'provides highly original accommodations! These domes designed as tents mounted on a wooden floor, installed in a wild natural setting and well preserved and provide access to the hiking trails (GR10, GR36 and many PR). Labeled the Green Key and European Ecolabel.

With ABSOLUTE TRAVEL, discover off the beaten path to beautiful sights, a mesmerizing nature and a population with rich traditions and generous soul. Come and meet humanitarian and community projects. You will have the opportunity to support the development of a school, a village, a local economy, which will benefit the entire population.
<![CDATA[Villais Wedding dresses 2015]]>Sun, 06 Sep 2015 04:00:01 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/villais-wedding-dresses-2015With over 40 years experience of dressing brides, Iscar and Sara Consuelo Villaverde, master craftsman and designer, respectively, along with the entire team Villais have created these beautiful dresses Villais 2015 that I show today. Do not miss special details that make these designs are unique, they are custom and taste of every bride. Do you want to know? 
Are you looking for the perfect dress for the most special day of your life? So pay close attention to what we tell you today! And it is that after you've shown the wedding dresses for 2015 from some of the biggest names in the industry ( Rosa Clará , Pronovias , Pepe Botella , Raimon Bundó ...), we still have to teach you interesting proposals.

Today, for example, we want to know the collection of wedding dresses Patricia Avendaño for this year, which the designer has called PLATINUM. As you see yourself then broadly we can talk about designs simple and timeless lines. More details? So do not miss anything of what we tell you then! 

Simple and timeless dresses

Like I said, the PLATINUM collection is characterized by including simple lines and timeless designs, highlighting the perfect cuts, waists, the movement billowing skirts and lace and jewels, which are very fashionable this season as far as dresses Bride is concerned. And although heart necklines and strapless are the stars, they can also be cleavage in "V" and long sleeves.
<![CDATA[8 tips to choose wedding photographer]]>Wed, 26 Aug 2015 07:00:02 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/8-tips-to-choose-wedding-photographerYour wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, to forget anything it is absolutely inconceivable not to hire a photographer to capture your happiness. Here are some tips to choose it.
Posed photos or story?
First you need to determine the type of images you want to represent this great day. You can choose between a story taken from life or more traditional posed photos. Take a ride on the web to see what you like best.

Unearth a good photographer
Start by word of mouth. Take a tour of your surroundings: There surely people who were raving about their wedding photos . Outside your network, contact photographers working in advertising. Also walk the salons marriage to easily compare the work of different providers. And do not forget the Internet. Most photographers exhibit their work on their own site. You can get over your research career for you.
Amateur or professional?
The photographer amateur, you advised your neighbor or cousin, has the advantage of knowing the couple and their family. It will ensure that no guest is left on clichés and will seize the moments of complicity between parents, brothers, sisters, witnesses ... In contrast, opt for a professional if you want to emphasize quality pictures. It will have better control of framing and shots taken from life. But sometimes he can forget too discreet uncle who will upset not to be on any photo ... Remember to submit all the family in advance.

Get in touch
The sooner the better, once fixed the date of marriage. The best photographers are usually booked well in advance, most 1 year before. This is not to contact only by phone, you must meet to get an idea of his work. The poses, are framing well rendered? The married and the guests they are emphasized? Of course, all have a more or less developed sales pitch; the important thing is whether this professional will be able to produce the kind of photos you want.

Identify the photographer's style
Obviously, one must have good contact with the photographer and ensure that he understood your expectations and your sensitivity. Nevertheless, each photographer has his style all his own, and it is you who should choose one that suits you and not vice versa.
Set your photo style
You must know exactly the style of photos you want and explain your needs precisely. 
- The atmosphere: posed photos, scripted or taken from life? Do you want a traditional scrapbook or unusual reporting, original? As for so-called natural photos, the photographer rarely intervenes to give instructions to guests and married. Its role is to capture the event without staging. 
- List the types of photos you want: for groups and portraits, do you want all or some diners (with parents, friends)? Do not hesitate to show him some pictures of your family in advance, so he can easily identify the D-Day 
- The color: black and white, color or sepia? Again, the choice is vast and more and more couples are opting for a mixture of styles. This will depend on the light, contrasts, the constraints imposed by the place ... The key: the photographer can easily juggle from one to the other D-Day! 
- Or digital Argentique The huge advantage of digital is it allows you to view all the pictures immediately and get rid of those that seem uninteresting. The number of shots is significant about him. Another strong point is the diversity of media on which we can draw pictures (photo paper, CD, slide ...), and the price compared to silver!
<![CDATA[5 ideas for bridal accessories]]>Wed, 05 Aug 2015 07:01:02 GMThttp://www.lovingwedding.com/home/5-ideas-for-bridal-accessoriesA bride is inconceivable without accessories! This is why you should choose veil, hat, shoes, jewelry, that will enhance your dress.
Our tips
1- Do not feel obliged to have perfectly coordinated accessories to your dress and made in the same fabric. 
2 Do not always go crazy about accessories available in specialty stores Marriage ; they are often more expensive and the choice is reduced. 
3- Do not hesitate to play with color. But enough! Bright pink shoes, a silver bag or golden bracelets bring THE original touch to an immaculate dress.

The veil
He is the symbol of marriage and it would be a shame to pass. It's so romantic ... Unless you have a favorite hat or crown of flowers . 
The preferably choose white tulle, for long wear princess (5 meters) or stopping on the shoulders to the latest outfits and short. 
It will cover your face when you go into town or in the place of worship and your husband will raise it after the exchange of consent. 
Namely: in tests, specify your stylist you will wear a veil so he could think of a way to hang your hair.
Short, they bring a touch Jackie Kennedy with bare arms but can rove chubby arms. 
Long, they Glamour glance on sheath dresses and little more Sissi on princess dresses. 
Namely: You keep up during the ceremony the exchange of rings, of course!

The bag
No way to get your super fashion tote! Purists will ignore this accessory. Others build on very small volumes but large enough to contain the necessary any bride who respects: makeup kit for touch, sample of her perfume, mints and handkerchief! 
A purse, a kind of small purse with handle, for romantic and married "girly" and a pocket for those who want suivrent trend. But do bear with very sleek outfits or white tux. 
Namely: For photos, make a choice: a series with the bouquet of flowers in her hand and another with the bag. Both? Too much.
Tradition calls for not wearing his engagement ring , exclusively at the right hand to receive his alliance and possibly a pearl necklace for more conventional of you. 
But you can also accessorize a dress purified a large necklace, a golden Creole bareheaded or arms of a wrist sleeve.

A good reason to offer you an extra pair who will join your collection! 
Attention this time, they should not just be beautiful, they must above all be comfortable. Remember that you have to spend all day in your shoes so your tootsies Pace. 
Do not perch on high heels if you are accustomed to sneakers. But prefer a small heel (minimum 3 cm) to lengthen your silhouette. 
Break your new shoes a week before the big day, wearing them at home. 
Namely: Some outfitters offer to cover the fabric you choose any pair of shoes. 
Never wear pantyhose with open shoes, visible seam is the worst effect.